Thursday, 18 February 2016

So, am I a suspect, before I go on citing others?

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Let's take ASCII Code first:

H 72 70 2 630  H 72 70 2 620
A 65 130 7 040  G 71 140 3 043
N 78 200 15 670  L 76 210 9 663
S 83 280 18   U 85 290 14
G 71 350 19   N 78 360 22
E 69 410 28   D 68 420 30
O 79 480 37   A 65 480 35
R 82 560 39   H 72 550 37
G 71 630 40   L 76 620 43

670 for HANSGEORG (anything with more space or more lower case adds 32s and gets far off). 663 for HGLUNDAHL (adding dots and spaces after initials adds 78s - 46+32 - after each). Worst news for HANSGEORG is that counting units lands in between on both 18 and 37 (which multiplied give ... you know what or you check), as is also the case with BERGOGLIO. But the sum does not end on that product (unlike with BERGOGLIO). Worst news for both versions is that their mean is 666.5. A good reason to keep my familiar "Hans Georg" side and my formal "H. G. Lundahl" side distinct, not to allow them to even out to a mean. If you see what I mean.

Even if 666.5 is one half away from that value, I wish to stay more on the two versions that are three or four units away from that value. Not on their mean value.

Iohanan Georgios Mikael Elitzur Lun Dal and Iohanan Ie'or Mikael Elitzur Lun Dal have been tried with Hebrew gematria. I think one of them ended on 886, but neither on 13:18 of Apocalypse. That is, on the number value mentioned in it. I might be one who does have understanding (Douay Rheims does not translate "wisdom" as a personal quality of the one adding up, only as an objective quality of the adding up itself).

Greek? Ιωάννης (ο Βαπτιστής/ο Ευαγγελιστής, both are my patrons) contains ω which has the value 800. Phew, too high!

And Γεώργιος (also my patron) does so too.

Straight transliteration of my name is Λουνταλ. Note this is New Greek pronunciation rules, pronouncable either Lundal or Loodal. In ancient Greek it would have been pronounced Luntal, thus not a transliteration. And the Ancient Greek transliteration (at least according to reconstructed pronunciation) would be Λουνδαλ.

What about h in Lundahl? spiritus asper is not written out in interior of words, in Swedish this h also is not an h per se, but marks a is long, a Germanising spelling, and α is same letter for long and short A.

So, what are the values of Lundahl? First modern Greek, then to replace τ with δ minus 300 and plus 4:

Letters Unit(s) Tens Hundreds Hundreds Σ Tens Σ Unit Σ total Σ other Σ
Λ   30  400 30 1 700 881
ο   70  300 70 = 1 180 - 300
υ   400 = 700 50  001 = 581
ν   50    30  = 881 + 4 = 585
τ   300   = 180
α 1
λ   30

But, Itaque qui se existimat stare, videat ne cadat.

While writing above, I had to go through an identity check on the computer again*. I take that with some resentment as someone trying at Nanterre University Library to check if I am coherent while writing this. And since this is not the first time it happens, I take this as a kind of harrassment.

That reminds me of another suspect, but more on that one later. Just - don't take the RFID-chip.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Thursday after
I Lord's day in Lent

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