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The Importance of Relying on One's Geekiness Rather than on Expertise

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Some while ago, I came across a video, which is now taken down.

It consisted of several ways in which diverse combinations of names and titles of Prince Harry (including King Harry, should he become King) are supposed to add up to 666 or 616.

I was a bit sceptic about transliterating Harry as Hari (I actually missed the aleph part, when later checking), but I trusted whoever had made the video on the gematric values of each suite of Hebrew letters. I shouldn't have. Btw, here is the Hebrew article on him, linking through the name the article has in Hebrew:

הנסיך הארי, דוכס סאסקס

Now, I had got it, that Melek Hari was going to give a gematric value that is one of the two readings of Apocalypse 13:18.

It does not.

I just recently was a bit bored, and when I am, I often do a bit of gematria. Some people claim "you can get 666 from any name" - no, you can't if the gematric system you stick to is straight conventional numeric values of a letter (Hebrew, Greek, Slavonic traditional, or ASCII for English and extended ASCII / Unicode for "accented letters") and no coding, or even if you extend it by coding into atbash or albam codes.

Case in point : Melek Hari does not give 616 or 666. In Hebrew.

I had said to myself this day when I was bored ... "wait, I basically know the number values of so many Hebrew letters, perhaps of all, let's check ..."

Name Shown Number Name Shown Number
Aleph (vowel) 1 Lamed L 30
Beth B 2 Mem M 40
Gimel G 3 Nun N 50
Daleth D 4 Samech S 60
He H ! 5 Ayin (not) 70
Vav V 6 Peh P 80
Zayin Z 7 Qoph Q 90
Heth H ! 8 Tsade Ts 100
Theth Th 9 Resh R 200
Iod I 10 Shin Sh / S 300
Kaph K 20 Tav T 400

Now, Melek Hari is ... (leaving out the Aleph)

403020 820010

However, 40, 30, 20, 10 = 100. Add 200 for Resh and 8 for Heth. Makes 308. This is not 616, it is only half of it. You check with HRI MVNTBTN, with HRI VNDSVR, with HRI SPNSR.

In Harry Windsor, using Shin/Sin for S, I got 684, but replace it with Samech, you get ... 684 - 300 + 60 = 444.

According to the reading of William Tapley, "Third Eagle of the Apocalypse" this means "King of the South" (Antichrist himself being King of the North), who will be beaten by Antichrist.

Same value as MARINE and as SALMAN in ASCII - also 444 (and Salman of Saudi Arabia has some claim to be considered King of the South).

While Prince Harry, at least at present is not, at least not overtly, King of the South (wait ... he's Duke of Sussex - would Duke be Melek or Shopheth in Hebrew? - Sussex is the SOUTH of Saxon parts of England, which are the SOUTH of England as a whole (along with Jutish Kent), he has an affinity to Islam, in an ecumenical way, and therefore to Salman of Saudi Arabia.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Hl. Mart. Abdon and Sennen

Romae sanctorum Martyrum Abdon et Sennen Persarum, qui, sub Decio, catenis alligati et Romam adducti, pro Christi fide prius plumbatis caesi sunt, deinde gladio interfecti. Assisii, in Umbria, sancti Rufini Martyris. ... (Can't leave out the patron Saint of Padre Rufino Niccacci ... can I?)

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