Monday, 9 July 2018

IT Lesson for Roger Buck

In pictures. I am sorry, I cannot add an invisible space or indivisible space to the html, but subtracting the final l will give a similar effect.*

Here I go to the url of one post, but taking away a final l:

(In case you try to open one with such an invisible space after, you will instead have a funny series of characters after the l, in which case, take them away, click again).

See to it that the post url now ends in html (with l and without anything after), click go to:

This is VERY, and I mean VERY simple. To get to any page on the web, you need the right signs, not one too many, nor one too few.

If you really can't learn it, ask your daughter or son or granddaughter or grandson for help. Communication on internet should not depend on the incompetence of you and your likes.

One could somewhat imagine, you keep young people out of it on purpose, then make yourself as awkward as possible on purpose, in order to tell me I fail to communicate./HGL

* This refers to part of our dialogue. I had been telling him, if he came to a "no such page" he should look at the url for adding of an invisible space (which would have in url in adress bar no longer have been invisible, but which would have needed fixing). Here this dialogue is published, with some comment on his video:

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Update: here are funny signs like "invisible space" or sth actually caught in action, on another site:

And here is same URL without the funny signs at the end:

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