Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Three Things Even the Pope Cannot Change

Credits to Cardinal Stickler for this one.

  • 1) The Bible;
  • 2) The Liturgy of the Sacraments (essential form);
  • 3) The "status ecclesie".

This, according to Medieval Canonists. According to Cardinal Stickler who had read them, probably according to someone else who knew him or had read him.

What is the "status ecclesie"? Papal States are in German called Kirchenstaat, so it probably refers to Papal States.

Did a Pope then overstep his rights in changing them?

Well, that would be Pius XI, cofounder with Mussolini or King Vittorio Emanuele III, of the Vatican. According to the treaty, it is a new foundation, not a simple continuation of the Papal States. Since this foundation in 1929, there have been seven kings of the Vatican (Popes or Antipopes or rather both) up to 2013.


84 : 7 = 12.

So, a term shorter than 12 years is shorter than medium. Benedict XVI had 7 years, 10 months et 9 days.

Any Bible Geek is encouraged to seek out a passage with sth adding up to seven and the seventh or last of those adding up to seven remaining a short time. And then look up next verse.

And then check if Bergoglio is in line with his seven predecessors as rulers in the Vatican ...

Hans Georg Lundahl
St Ignatius of Loyola

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