Have I Done Ill Speaking Against the Real Pope a Few Years Ago?

I was back then Palmarian.

My site Antimodernism was dedicated to finding the real Pope. I would have welcomed ALL Papal claimants to state their claims, while I was preliminarily defending the Palmarian claim and also trying to use what theological and philosophical knowledge I had to try to eliminate bogus claimants.

One man actually did debate with me. Sometimes heatedly on both sides. And I was rejecting precisely his claim. Meanwhile, I had no contact except intended spiritual union with the one I thought was the real Pope, Gregorio XVII de Palmar. I was defending the latter's claim to having in obedience to Heaven moved the See from Rome to Palmar, and abusing the words of Mélanie Calvat "Rome shall lose the faith and become the seat of Antichrist" (which may still be true, even if the real Pope is still claiming precisely Rome as his see, and might still be true if the real Pope was in Rome beside the false one).

But today it is about the wheat flour controversy. He had come to the conclusion that hosts should not be made from industrial wheat flour. Now, it has two properties. Bran is taken away, these are undigestable cellulose and proteins. But it also has a kernel taken away from the wheat grain, one which contains an oil. Instead of advising him thereone, I thought it a duty to defend the man I then considered Pope by not giving him that hint. Now I have, very belatedly, given him that advice on the question, after hearing Kent Hovind speaking on "bread strengthens the heart of man" and hearing what happened to heart diseases when bread started lasting longer due to that wheat kernel being taken out. Because it contained fat and vitamin E, bread still containing it went quickly rancid. So, bread goes rancid less quick now, or is spoilt by other means, but without it cardiac diseases have started rising.

Note that the decision or non-decision of still using the wheat flour as sold in shops to make hosts was independent of Novus Ordo, as far as I know.

I now think it preferrable to get wheat flour with wheat kernels still in them. Both for ordinary bread and for the Eucharist.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Mouffetard Library
(recently renamed Mohammed Arkoun
after a Liberal Muslim I do
not quite fancy)
St Jerome of Stridon

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