Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Is it bad for the brain to use internet 20 hours per week?

Some Chinese specialists of what seems to be clinical neurology have concluded so.

Note that their studies though labelled "internet" really seem to have been about online games.

Note also that an online gamer is usually not spending his working hours as online gamer, he is also not restricting his free hours socialising to online gaming, but he is taking the online gaming 20 hours in addition to work hours (where his possible internet usage as a professional was not counted by the specialists) and in addition to taking an hours break to party and eat pizza and drink beer or energy drinks with other online gamers. Which means that he is taking the 20 hours from hours he would normally be asleep.

These Chinese studies say more about neurological effects of sleep deprivation than about effects of internet use.

Why would Chinese specialists mislabel their results?

Well, they are Chinese. They live under a reformed Maoism, which allows capitalistic private profit making, but not criticising the régime. Internet is a way in which thoughts undesired by that régime may reach the people. HENCE a very obvious desire to demonise internet.

Hans Georg Lundahl
(online writer and debater
on working hours!)
Epiphany Day

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