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Will Cornick story ...

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Ann Maguire's schoolboy killer tried to talk his girlfriend into Natural Born Killers-style murder spree
By Jack Crone for MailOnline
Published: 09:55 GMT, 9 November 2014 | Updated: 13:27 GMT, 9 November 2014

Two quotes:

  • One:

    Will Cornick - jailed for life last week for stabbing his Spanish teacher to death - wanted the pair to commit murder and spoke endlessly to her about killing Mrs Maguire and the feeling of power it would give him.

  • Two:

    The pair would chat to each other a lot, and while initially the subject of conversation was music, Cornick soon began telling her how much he hated the school's teachers - especially Mrs Maguire.

    She believes the popular 61-year-old, who has been called the 'mother of the school', was killed because she was being tough on Cornick in a bid to unlock his potential.

Two questions: was he feeling powerless? Was his feeling of powerlessness related to the fact that his school and general situation gave him no chance to marry his girl friend and found a family.

One observation: being tough on someone in order to "unlock" that someone's "potential" is an act described as such by sadist and dominant fantasisers. I have been around a "black" forum where many (though a minority) of the particiapants spoke pretty openly about it. It is also my theory of what Nazi Death Camps were not only doing but in fact deliberately trying to do to survivors. It is also an act probably recommended in lots of manuals of paedagogy. It is not an act which is pleasant to undergo.

  • A third:

    He will now be held at Hindley Young Offenders' Institution until he is 18 when he will be moved to another unit.

    It costs the taxpayer £83,685 a year for each of the 441 prisoners to be held at the unit, reports the Sunday People.

Another observation. Keeping young from work and at school, often enough against their will, ALSO costs taxpayers a lot. In the case of the Catholic School, part would have been paid of parents or of benefactors. But still.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre University Library
St Vincent of Valencia

PS, I think this is the first time of these recent school killings it happens in a Catholic school. But it happened while they accepted Bergoglio as "Pope Francis"./HGL

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