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Peace, and there is no peace (Ezechiel 13)?

“We expect the message of peace to be heard. That instead of creating various anti-terrorist coalitions, alienated with deep-rooted contradictions and fraught with unpredictable consequences, there would be only one such alliance,” he noted.

Metropolitan Hilarion emphasized that such coalition could not be made up only of politicians.

“Spiritual leaders and other people of good will should go into it.”

The first-ever face-to-face talk between two of the major leaders of the Christian world does not mean that the dialogue has just started, Metropolitan Hilarion stressed.

“It means the dialogue has entered a new stage of augmented intensity.”

World needs single antiterrorist coalition – Russian Orthodox Church spokesman
Published time: 25 Feb, 2016 10:17

A bill to "tackle extremism in all its forms" includes a proposal to silence extremist speakers with civil orders and to scrutinize "unregulated education settings." Details of the measures will be closely watched by free-speech groups.

Sugar tax, spaceports meet pageantry in UK Queen's Speech
May 18, 2016 on Mail dot com

The lights went out without so much as a flicker in the Moscow apartment shared by Andrei Barabanov, his mother and girlfriend one evening in late May four years ago. Thinking the fuse box must have blown, Barabanov's mother Tatyana unlocked the front door to step out into the corridor.

At that point, a team of eight officers of Russia's OMON riot police and a heavyset investigator stormed into their home. "It was like a scene from the movies," says Tatyana. "As if they were arresting a high-profile criminal."

Andrei Barabanov was dragged out of the apartment barefoot, then thrown into the back of a police van. An OMON officer's foot pressed his head down onto the floor. He remembers thinking to himself: "Andrei, you won't see your home for another four years." His calculation wasn't far off: It would be three years and seven months before he would return to his own bed.

His crime had been to participate in a protest rally several weeks earlier on central Moscow's Bolotnaya Ploshchad. The rally was the culmination of an anti-Kremlin protest movement that had gained momentum in late 2011 following disputed parliamentary elections. It spilled over into 2012, when Vladimir Putin secured a third term as president.

Jailed for Protesting Against the Kremlin — Life 4 Years After Bolotnaya
By Eva Hartog | May. 13 2016 20:26 | Last edited 20:26

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the annual elaborate Victory Day military parade in Red Square, says Russia wants to help build an international security system that transcends military blocs.

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Video acc. to subtitles from 0:44

We are ready to work on a modern, no-bloc system of … sorry, some buttons hid the subsequent subtitles.

Back to Indian Express:

Putin’s short speech on Monday also warned against “unacceptable double standards that shortsightedly indulge those who are nurturing new criminal plans.”

He made no specific accusations but both the accusation of double standards and the call for a “non-bloc system of international security” echo Russia’s frequent criticism of the West and the NATO alliance.

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Who do you think you are kiddin’ Mister Putin?

Theme Song from Dad's Army
(Jimmy Perry / Taverner)

Sorry, I thought the song was from back in 1930’s, when Hitler looked at Sudetenland, with perhaps more reason than Putin and Kirill are doing now.

It’s from “Dad’s army”, a TV comedy about WW-II.

At the end of which, Red Army brought freedom, even domination, to some, but abject misery and slavery to others.

That is the reason there was a NATO.

And if Putin pretends to be dreaming of a world without military blocks, perhaps he is preferring BRICS?

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

What’s the difference between blocks and bricks? Building is done with either. But Putin likes the one and detests the other. For some reason. Or other.


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  1. HGL not logging in again right now19 May 2016 at 05:19

    One way in which an international one-block opposition to ISIS can go very bad:

    Petraeus' veiled swipe at Trump - America needs Islam to save us from Islamists

    Same problem as when Truman and Roosevelt were allied to Stalin, but perhaps worse, since in that time the fight against Hitler was not on US territory.