Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Index XII ENG, Easter to Holy Trinity 2016

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Sanctum et Felix Festum Paschale · Bonum Festum Ascensionis Domini · Bonum festum Pentecostes · Bonam Secundam Feriam Festi Pentecostes · Bonam Feriam Quartam Quattuor Temporum et Pentecostes · Bonam Quintam Feriam Pentecostes · Bona Sabbata Quattuor Temporum et Octavae Pentecostes · Sanctum Festum Sacratissimae Trinitatis

Must one have experience, ideally collective, before publishing sth?

Time to Celebrate Atheism! · In case you didn't get it, yesterday, it was April 1:st

Someone got it wrong on Crisis Mag?

Somewhat Blocked in China

Spiritual works of mercy:

Highly Recommended Reading : OSN · Is Democracy Dying? · Recall OSN I recommended?

Did Fifty Odd Readers from Elsewhere Make a Pilgrimage to Holy Land?

What are they Saying of Amoris Laetitia?

I was Wrong about GWB's Second War

Some Say Archbishop Lefèbvre Incurred Excommunication "latae sententiae" by unauthorised Episcopal Consecrations in 1988

Tower of Babel and Moon Landing Was eating the forbidden fruit a venial sin?

Two Links from Info-Wars

Cervantes and Shakespear (Link)

A National Socialist Gave Marrano Jews the Ultimate Compliment

Abbey Roads took a stylish farewell from Prince (Link)

Could Paul Nicholson by any chance be referring to me?

I wasn't tagged, but here goes anyway (OK, perhaps I was, after all

The message is not being sufficiently preached that no one is created by God as a homosexual. - Michael Voris

On "COEXIST" (link)

On Donativo, a Practical Point

Also wishing an end to CPS, as they are

1) Creation vs. Evolution : In Today's Article on Maxwell, CMI Linked Back to an Oldie · 2) Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : What Cusa Really Said · 3) New blog on the kid : Everything a Giant Miracle? Why, Yes!

On Bergoglio and Russia, Links, With a Commented update

Can networks go after people who are NOT Presidents?

Even Zionist Leaning Catholics realise there was a Naqba, somehow (link)

Is there a Nimrod around anywhere?

Peace, and there is no peace (Ezechiel 13)?

In Case Anyone Suspects me of being a Harry Potter Fan, I am not (Link)

I thought I had written my main blog enough this day after the Pentecost Octave wishes

Is this a Catholic Practise?

Creation Ministries International and One Critic were Not Clear on Who had been Hateful

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