Monday, 22 August 2016

Index XIII English - Pentecost to Octave of Assumption 2016

Part of /Partie d'Index Indicum (pars indicis indicum huius bloggi)

Bonum festum Pentecostes Bonam Secundam Feriam Festi Pentecostes Bonam Feriam Quartam Quattuor Temporum et Pentecostes Bonam Quintam Feriam Pentecostes Bonam Feriam Sextam Quattuor Temporum et Octavae Pentecostes Bona Sabbata Quattuor Temporum et Octavae Pentecostes Sanctum Festum Sacratissimae Trinitatis Bonum Festum Sacratissimi Corporis Christi Bonum et Sanctum Festum Nativitatis Sancti Iohannis Baptistae Bonam Commemorationem Sancti Pauli [& bonum festum Sanctorum Petri et Pauli heri habuisse] Bonum festum Sancti Iacobi Bonum Festum Transfigurationis Domini Bonum Festum Assumptionis Beatissimae Virginis Mariae Bonam Octavam Assumptionis Beatae Virginis Mariae et Bonum Festum Immaculatae Cordis eiusdem Beatae Virginis Mariae

Father John Hunwick on Assumption of Our Lady (Links)

Is there a Nimrod around anywhere? Peace, and there is no peace (Ezechiel 13)? Is Pootin Winnie, or his Executive ? Based on a Real Story ? Some Guys think Putin is a Great Guy If you are Named after Saint hmmm Vladimir of Kiev ... is that the Number of the Beast ? And is Snowden dead?

Should Abortion be Forbidden (against "Father Thomas Reese, a Catholic Jesuit professor" and feat. Putin)

In Case Anyone Suspects me of being a Harry Potter Fan, I am not (Link) I thought I had written my main blog enough this day after the Pentecost Octave wishes Is this a Catholic Practise? Creation Ministries International and One Critic were Not Clear on Who had been Hateful

1 HGL's F.B. writings Marital Age and Teen Abortions 2 Previous Continued 3 Correspondence of Hans Georg Lundahl Continuing with BG, trying to bring in history, getting a few dialogues on moral issues. 4 New blog on the kid Are Satanists Very Moral?

URL 4 blogs


1) Is there a conspiracy? How about 7-Eleven? · 2) Are there Republicans in an Antichristian Conspiracy?

Warning by William Tapley, from Daniel and News (link) While I don't know WHAT the Mark of the Beast is, concretely, DON'T TAKE IT (Link)

Rosaries, Please!

Refuting the Message of Karl Keating

I Missed There Is a New Book by Elena Maria Vidal

What does Shankar Dayal Sharma Have in Common with Adolf Hitler ?

1) When Looking at Elena Maria Vidal's Book on Daughter of Cesars ... 2) Answering J. P. Holding / tektontv on Quiverfull, Lifespans, Onan, up-dated : and Romans 3) Trying to Get Through to Holding 4) Hesses vs Holding

VERY Happy that I Left the Swedish State Church

Does Bergoglio Bring Life or Death? Catholics and Muslims had Prayed Together to Avoid This (Link) New Humanity?

A Few Days or Perhaps More than a Week, Israel went from not top ten to first with 8000+ readers on the German blog

Two perfects?

Best wishes to Cardinal Cañizares!

Serge Blisko of Miviludes Thought Femen are not a Sectarian Phenomenon

Published Online

Pageviews all time history 68,037

Cardinal and Royal Highness, death anniversary

This con-langing idea is actually goodish

Today I feel Nice Was It the Worst Massacre in the History of Nice? New excuse for deleting evidence or for suppressing liberty of non-Jihadi speech: "could be used for Jihadi propaganda"!

Mark P. Shea Put it Well

Germany vs Saudi Arabia - Hoch Deutschland! (Links)

If Two Men Believe in God - do They Always Believe in the Same One?

Russian Committees of 21?

"When Science Solves the Mystery of Origin if Universe and of Life" ...

Setterfield Picked the Wrong Geocentric - At Least for One Question

Just Listening to Orthodox Celts

Good News : Bodnariu Family is Out of Norway Bad News: Barbara Boxer does NOT Appreciate Getting Lectured by a Philosopher on Science Next Bad News from Norway

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