Sunday, 31 July 2016

If Two Men Believe in God - do They Always Believe in the Same One?

There is ONE God. If you believe in HIM, you are not believing in any other than someone else who also believes in HIM does.

BUT. There are people who do not believe in God, so, not everyone believes in Him.

Therefore it is also quite possible that someone says he believes in "God" but doesn't believe in the right one.

That is why there are different religions - and if one is right, whichever it may be, the rest are at best incomplete or at worst plain wrong.

Psychologically it would not be easy for a merely incomplete religion to remain self sufficient beside a true one which says everything it says and more besides.

So, if the true religion has been around for some time, in any area having contact with it, we cannot say incomplete religions abound, other than perhaps on individual levels.

We must assume all religions having acquaintance with the true religion and existing beside it are opposed to it - and therefore do not quite believe in the true God or not in the correct way.

Is this something dangerous? Yes, but God - in the true, the Christian, the Catholic religion - did not quite promise to make the world a totally safe place for all of us all of the time.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Paris XV
XI Lord's Day after Pentecost

PS, Benjamin, this one is for you!/HGL

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