Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Mark P. Shea Put it Well

John Lennon]
I Can't a Imagine a Dumber Song

Let's not quibble too much on his spelling of Adeste FidelEs or fact that his quote from Peter Kreeft misses Peter Kreeft is quoting JRRT.

I mean, if everything in John Lennon's masterpiece of evil was correctly spelled, if every quote was precisely attributed, it would still be evil.

I much prefer, as astute readers of my blog might with not too much difficulty have deduced, a song like:

Nissa la Bella - Hymne Niçois - Ukulele
Emmanuel LOPEZ


I just read the other article by Mark Shea in which he linked to above. Also goodish:

NCR, Blogs, Mark Shea : Imagine if People Actually Fell for John Lennon's Nonsense
by Mark Shea 07/15/2016

I recall a time when I wondered whether "when I find myself in times of trouble" was a reference to the Blessed Virgin Mary. A friend's or former friend's wife told me "John Lennon can't have meant anything profound with it, he considered it a lot of nonsense". But that one was by Paul McCartney. And "times of trouble" was when John Lennon bungled rehearsals, and "mother Mary" ... well, Macca's ma is named Mary. So, John Lennon is not the right person to ask.

Wonder what John Lennon would have thought of Mull of Kintyre?

The mull of kintyre & Lyrics-Paul Mccartney
Adam Steele

That is basically Paul McCartney's version of Nissa la bella:

Alain Bideaux

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Vincent of Paul

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