Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Best wishes to Cardinal Cañizares!

I received this letter from CitizenGO:

From Caroline Craddock/CitizenGO to me
7/4/16 at 8:15 PM
No unjust condemnation...
Hello Hans-Georg,

Congratulations! Thanks to you, we were able to stop the vicious and uncalled for attacks against Cardinal Cañizares in Spain.

The radical LGBT lobby in the city of Valencia announced a few weeks ago that they would be filing a motion to condemn the Cardinal. The Cardinal asked for our help and support, and I knew that the CitizenGO community would come to his defense.

Thanks to you and your signatures, the Cardinal will not be unjustly condemned! We delivered your signatures to the Valencia City Council, and they knew that concerned citizens around the globe would be watching to ensure that Cardinal Cañizares was not punished for his support of the natural family.

Nearly 200,000 CitizenGO subscribers joined this campaign, and now the City of Valencia has dropped the charges!

Cardinal Cañizares wanted to write to you personally with his thanks. I’ve included his message below:

“Your signatures and your support ​have touched m​e​, ​you have moved my heart​. Thank you very much. ​I know ​that you have ​joined this CitizenGO ​petition with affection for me, but I also know that you are aware that what is at stake is not me, but religious freedom and the right of ​Christians ​to publicly express our faith and our convictions. It's time to stand up and not be afraid. Coraggio and avanti​!​”

This is an important victory, but we will not rest. We will continue to defend the freedom of expression of all people. This is not just a victory for Catholics—or even just for Christians—it is a victory for all religious individuals who want to see their freedoms preserved.

Thank you for making this victory possible. Without your signatures… without your support… this would not be possible.

With sincerest thanks,

Caroline Craddock and the whole CitizenGO team

P.S. Here is a photo of CitizenGO's President, Ignacio Arsuaga, delivering your signatures at the Valencia City Council.

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