Sunday, 31 July 2016

New Humanity?

Quoting under headline:

Pope Francis on Sunday encouraged hundreds of thousands of young people gathered in southern Poland to "believe in a new humanity," which is stronger than evil and refuses to use borders as barriers.


  • "believe in a new humanity," - a Catholic is supposed to believe in Jesus, true God, true Man, Second Adam. A "new humanity" coming from Him would be the Catholic Church ... does NOT seems to be the one Bergoglio ("Pope Francis") belongs to, btw.

  • which is stronger than evil the Church as Church is stronger than evil, has been so for close to 2000 years.

  • and refuses to use borders as barriers. ! - But the Church DOES use borders as barriers. There is a real border against those not yet baptised and also real borders or a real border against those baptised and excommunicated.

This - as well as the cryptic choice of words "new humanity" instead of Catholic Church (if the new humanity which has Jesus for Second Adam had been what he referred to) seem to indicate he is NOT referring to the Catholic Church.

And therefore he IS referring to some other, sham, claim of a "new humanity".

Borders have been around, and have been a protection against power abuse, since Nimrod failed to build his Tower, which failure God wanted to happen. Which failure God even caused, by the confusion of tongues, a punitive miracle.

Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : What is a Nation? part I
[part II in preparation, as yet]

Humanity - both old, as per Adam, and new, as per Christ - has no need to change into such a sham "new humanity".

Hans Georg Lundahl
Paris XV
XI Lord's Day After Pentecost

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