Sunday, 21 August 2016

Just Listening to Orthodox Celts

ORTHODOX CELTS Wearing of the green

Reminded me of a discussion.

Can Irish Pubs survive if protectionism makes Guiness from Ireland more expensive?

I have in Lot tasted a homebrewed ale, very close to somewhere between Guiness and Kilkenny. Brewer is an Irishman.

But the barley is grown in Lot. Dregs left over from brewing process feed checken, they lay eggs, but also their manure is helping the barley to grow.

However, other part of question is, can the art of an Irish pub survive protectionism, if there were no bilateral deal with Ireland, that is?

Well, for Frenchmen singing Irish songs in English, I am somewhat doubtful - for Serbs doing so, I am not.

However, let us enjoy Ireland while we have her! She may be sinking seven years before doomsday, unless there is some inaccuracy about that prophecy being from St Patrick's prayer for his tribe.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Paris V
XIVth Lord's Day after Pentecost
in Octave of Assumption

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