Saturday, 13 August 2016

Next Bad News from Norway

Norway, return Tyler to Amy

This is Amy. Her son Tyler was forcefully removed from her in Norway, because she was still breastfeeding him at the age of 19 months and because a hospital doctor said that he should have had 10kg instead of 9,6kg. That's why Barnevernet together with the Police immediately removed the Boy from her. They didn't have a court decision and also no hearing took place. They then deprived her of all parental and visitation rights and the boy is being kept at a secret address ever since. They also changed his name from Tyler into a more Norwegian name so that she would not be able to locate him again. Please help Tyler to come home to where he belongs.

Picture of Amy, holding a portrait of Obama with the text:

Mr. President.
American boy Tyler is waiting for your peace action in Norway! His American mother Amy also!

For those having the righteousness to sign:

Citizen-GO : Norway, return Tyler to Amy

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