Saturday, 13 August 2016

Bad News: Barbara Boxer does NOT Appreciate Getting Lectured by a Philosopher on Science

To those who know her, that may not be news at all.

The real bad news to those who don't is : she is a US Senator.

I just watched parts of a video in which she had (without any intention of becoming a Catholic, apparently) lectured a Catholic or Novus Ordo priest on his NOT positively agreeing with the Pope on Climate Change, interrupted him several times over, and THEN (not sure if that was the sequence in real time, but it is the sequence presented in the video) lectured a philosopher on ...

"... all you need to know is you are a philosopher, not a scientist, and I don't appreciate being lectured by a philosopher on science."

All you need to know about what is wrong with the world of today is in her way of treating the priest and the philosopher. AND the real bad news, she is not a school yard bully**, not a girl of 13 trying to play cool in front of a priest and a philosopher whose adult authority intimidate her frustrated ego of 13, she is ... a United States of America Senator! THAT is sore news for the world.

Only, with Bergoglio and Putin around (both agreeing with her on climate change, btw), she is not the worst news.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Mouffetard Library
St Hippolytus, Martyr of Rome

* Western Journalism Video : Senator Boxer ...
[on FB, you might have to log in before watching]

** My trauma after school yard bullies and her manners as an adult in oral conversation amply explain why I prefer internet debate over oral debate.

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