Monday, 11 April 2016

Some Say Archbishop Lefèbvre Incurred Excommunication "latae sententiae" by unauthorised Episcopal Consecrations in 1988

Canvassing for Election of Bergoglio was, if conclave was even licit in first place (supposing Pope Michael hadn't already been Pope so that conclaves both 2005 and 2013 weren't schismatic like the ones in Avignon prior to Council of Constance, supposing Ratzinger had the right to abdicate, supposing, if he had the right to abdicate, that he was not morally obliged to call a council like Constance rather than a conclave, seeing there were already rival papal lines - Pope Michael, Alejandro IX, and a few more), also a crime the perpetrators of which (far more numerous than the six bishops in 1988) incurred the "latae sententiae" type of excommunication.

Note that the Vatican when claiming to reconcile Society of St Pius X actually in the Motu Proprio LIFTED this penalty of excommunication which Vatican was officially supposing Archbishop Lefèbvre had incurred.

Note that Archbishop Lefèbvre when claiming not to have incurred it was not arguing that was not how the law worked, but that there was another paragraph about "case of necessity" (his real own line of defense), and Michael Davies at least added it also included a heading about "putative case of necessity" (a line he - MD - considered advanceable to those who denied that the case of necessity was real).

So, if "Team Bergoglio" was not in a case of necessity, and it hasn't claimed to have been so, and if "Team Bergoglio" has not had its excommunications lifted, all of those cardinals are excommunicated.

Also, the disposition of "John Paul II" - supposing he was Pope - includes a declaration that the result is to be null and void.

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Sep30 (2015) by The Editor

A sign that "John Paul II", though not a canonisable saint, though not a Pope, nevertheless might not be damned : from the grave his words condemn the election of him who falsely "canonised" or pretended to do so himself in 2014./HGL

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