Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Two possible answers about Aaron Dugmore's death

Link to story: DailyMail : Aaroon Dugmore: Schoolboy, 9, found hanging in his home dies in hospital 'after being targeted by bullies'

  • If it is true that his bullies were Muslims, not found on this link, but on another one, that was filtered as a site of racism, one possible answer would be to expel such as share the ethnical background of his tormentors. Or to expel those that live in Birmingham.
  • Even if this were possibly not true, which I do not guarantee, one other possible answer would very much be to abolish school compulsion.
    • If there is no school compulsion nor any absolute right to be taucght at public schools, bullies can be expelled from school.
    • If a school has trouble either identifying or punishing bullies by expelling them, parents like those of Aaron Dugmore can, if there is no absolute duty to send their son to school, either homeschool him or send him to an apprenticeship or give him a perhaps needed vacation.

Now, Muslims are like Jews and especially Puritan Protestants in favour of school compulsion. If that evil can be ended without expelling them, it is a defeat for their erroneous values, especialy as misapplied to non-Muslim children.

On the other hand, when school compulsion was being introduced in England, one motivation was to save children from being exploited to become cancer cases by being used as chimney sweeps or in the mines and getting too much carbon into their lungs. I think child labour of such physically damaging kinds can and should be forbidden even without any school compulsion. I also think that school has become one new health hazard, as it is compulsory, as it mixes religious groups, notably giving Muslims a chance to harrass non-Muslims, which they are quicker to take than is good for their popularity, and also as it teaches nonsense like Evolution. Or Heliocentrism. Or Homoliberalism. Or Dawkinsian God hatred.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Paris from Library
Hélène Berr
St Veronica

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