Friday, 7 February 2014

First a child is withdrawn from her mother's care ...

... foster home or adoptive home, I do not know which.* Then - or perhaps even before withdrawal of parental rights and leading to it - she gets a diagnosis which may not help herself to deal better with life but which certainly stamps both herself and her mother.

Then the guys who do this sue the mother.

OK, what if she came back to her mother and doctors stopped meddling with her life and charging anyone (mother or municipal council) even a cent for what they are supposed to be doing "for" the benefit of the child?

It has been said before and needs saying again, foster homes are a vile branch of industry, it is already making loads of money along with medical and psychological and similar branches and of course the social workers involved in taking away parental rights.

I had a sister (ma has by now forbidden me to talk to her, that is how estranged she has become to our values) who was poisoned, not because ma choose to drink alcohol, but because a criminal shrink choose to continue medicating ma during same pregnancy. AND on top of that same shrink decided to tell social workers ma was not in a state to take care of her daughter.

My sister's life has been ruined, not by ma's decision, but by decisions of such vile professionals. Now, they need to be stopped.

And a lawyer claiming to represent a six year old child against her own mother needs to be stopped as well.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bpi, Georges Pompidou
St Augulus

* "Many of the children - including the six-year-old girl - have now been adopted or placed in foster care." Meaning she could be in either situation, it is only cited a statistic in which the overall sum are divided between the two.

Women who drink alcohol during pregnancy could be found guilty of a criminal offence if they damage unborn child

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