Monday, 17 February 2014

There are Other Solutions As Yet Than Shooting him Like If he were Ceaucescu

1) The Communist Government of Pensacola, 2) There are Other Solutions As Yet Than Shooting him Like If he were Ceaucescu, 3) Is Stein Maligning the Poor?

I mean, the mayor of Pensacola could turn out to be a Gorby, after all. He might make some Perestroika giving the homeless back their rights of liberty. So, let us talk about some other solutions.

One would be to depose him in the next election, by the ballot, if he shows no amendment before then, US not needing any Communists in power. Neither the kind that tends to outlaw and jail Hobos nor the kind that tends to outlaw and jail Hovinds.

One would be for himself to show he is after all no Communist and burn the paper of the decision, or take a new one which nullifies it, a repeal of the anti-sheet legislation. But meanwhile?

Well, if you put things like armholes or sleeves and buttons on a sheet, it is technically not a sheet any more but a piece of clothing. There are pieces of clothing that are very close to sheet in function. There is the cape for instance.

I had to look him up, but Clint actually used a cape in The Good the Bad and the Ugly. If he no longer needs it he could publically give it to a homeless man in Pensacola to show his disapproval of the antisheet legislation. It could for instance be filmed on a youtube. And if he wants it for affective purposes, he can afford to pay two replicas of it from the same tailor and pose along with two people in these replicas.

I used one myself, borrowed from a Buddhist or Hindoo hippie with a puppet theatre back in 2003 when we walked through Copenhagen and nights were cold. A cape of the Moroccan type helps. We parted ways, him staying in Christiania, but I recall the cape.

These adaptations to an unfair legislation are of course really optional. If a man wanted to keep his sheet, as it is rather than retailored into a piece of clothing and rather than exchange it for a cape, it would be unfair to put him into prison for using the sheet. If he did go to prison for it, he would deserve as much sympathy at the very least as a man on Robben Island (especially as not having used any petrol drenched tyres to execute defectors from an armed fight).

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bpi, Georges Pompidou
St Alexis, one of the
Seven Founding Fathers of
the Servites of Mary

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