Friday, 5 March 2021

A Seven Headed Beast ...

Here is my guess about the seven heads. If not at nationalities, at least at ideologies. End times version.

Paganism, lion of Babylon, exemplified in Hinduism, perhaps also Modernism in Anglicans and Lutherans.

Russian Orthodox mistrust of Scholasticism and support of Psychiatry in the name of Hesychasm, perhaps also the Modernism involving Ecumenism and Evolution belief, unless that is due to freemasonry. Also, Russians Jews, Muslims and Tengriists insofar as they share above.

4 Heads of a Leopard
Judaism, Islam, Protestantism and Freemasonry, insofar as pretendedly Abrahamic but without the seven sacraments, insofar as violently anti-Catholic, insofar as Puritan, that is mistrustful of beauty and pleasure outside sex, but liberal about sexual pleasure, and insofar as exaggerating paternal authority, parental generally, but especially paternal, since also insofar as machist, less respectful of women than Catholicism.

Terrible Beast
Dinosaurs would be used as an emblem for Evolution belief which is one of the tenets of Communism, and draconic behaviour is clearly involved in both Revolutions and KGB.

All of above have some kind of connexion to Zionism too./HGL

PS, note that the four heads of the leopard are a majority of the heads, and that the general shape also is leopardic./HGL

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