Thursday, 2 March 2017

Criminals, bis!

Also from the news:

About 20,000 people now work for the Swedish armed forces, 84 percent of them men and 16 percent women, according to the forces' website. But the armed forces lack 1,000 active troops as well as 7,000 reservists, according to Sweden's coalition government of Social Democrats and Greens.

Under the plan approved Thursday, at least 4,000 18-year-olds could be called up each year. Swedes will still be able to volunteer for military service. The Swedish government, which often has described itself as "feminist," said "modern conscription is gender neutral and will include both women and men."

Hultqvist said he had been inspired by neighboring Norway, which in 2013 introduced a law applying military conscription to both sexes. That made Norway the first NATO member to draft both men and women, joining a tiny group of countries around the world, including Israel.

Sweden institutes military draft for both men and women

Conscription for women = rogue states (Israel, Norway, Sweden).

Even non-military conscription for women (as per France) is a crime.

Chesterton considered women as remaining on the whole the sane sex because they were less exposed to what is now termed "societal experience".

Ut supra*,
Hans Georg Lundahl

* Or as visible in blog feed : ut infra.

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