Tuesday, 14 March 2017

More on Christian Zionism Being Wrong

A new post from same Catholic:

JJPeregrine's Blog : An Objection Answered: Further Thoughts on Christians, Jews, and Zionist Nationalism

My own comments on FB under JJPeregrine's previous post, already linked to:

"As a Christian, I do recognize that followers of the Old Covenant had a valid, covenantal claim to possess the land of Canaan during the duration of their covenant."

And their main heirs are Jews and Samarians and Galileans adhering to the New Covenant.

A k a Christian Palestinians.

"After the revolt of Bar-Kokhba (137 A.D.), Jews were banished from the district of Jerusalem. Much of the Jewish population was also sold in the slave markets. Outside the Jerusalem district, some Jews remained. A Hebrew majority might even have remained, but with the rise of the Byzantine period, and the subsequent Arab-Byzantine wars, only a small minority in Palestine continued to identify themselves as Jews."

The Hebrew majority would not identify themselves as Jews, for the reason that as Christians they shunned a word which had come to imply - a new Paganism ("we have no king but Caesar"), a new Samaria ("what portion have we with David"=he's not our king, included in "we have no king but Caesar").

The Hebrew majority identified as Christians and as Romans, as Roman citizens not unlike St Paul.

While not shunning Greek, I think they did continue using Aramaic (there has been found an Aramaic Our Father in a Palestine monastery) and certainly continued a Beduin lifestyle in part of the population (some such tribes later telling Palestinian monks they had been forced to "convert" to Islam by invading Omar's armies, and also affirming "but we continue to be your friends" - see chapter on Palestinian monasticism in The Desert a City).

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