Friday, 9 December 2016

Index XIV ENG : Assumption to Immaculate Conception, 2016

Part of Index Indicum

Bonum Festum Assumptionis Beatissimae Virginis Mariae · Bonam Octavam Assumptionis Beatae Virginis Mariae et Bonum Festum Immaculatae Cordis eiusdem Beatae Virginis Mariae · Bonum Festum Nativitatis Beatae Virginis Mariae · Bonum Festum Elevationis Sanctissimae Crucis DNIC · bonum festum Sancti Matthæi Apostoli · Bonum Festum Sancti Michaelis Archangeli · Bonum Festum Sanctae Theresiae · Bonum Festum Sancti Francisci · Bonum Festum Sacratissimi Rosarii beatae Mariae Virginis · Bonam Festivitatem Christi Regis · Bonum Festum Omnium Sanctorum · Pia Commemoratio omnium Fidelium Defunctorum · Bonum Festum Sancti Martini · Bonum Festum Sanctae Caeciliae · Bonum Festum Sancti Andreae Apostoli · Bonum Festum Sancti Nicolai · Bonum Festum Immaculatae Conceptionis BVM

deretour : Rosary for Catholics in Iraq, please! (a forward) · New blog on the kid : Gratitude is Due

Less Down Syndrome, No Murder, No Maiming - Possible? · Bad News for France

Is Homeschooling Legal under Zionist Legislation in Holy Land?

Opponents are Wrong, Here

End School Compulsion NOW!

Father John Hunwick on Assumption of Our Lady (Links) · Note on the Crusade (Medieval Version) · RIP - Gabriele Amorth (link) · Introducing two Writers · Around the Web on Feast of the Rosary · Another Reason to Believe Stars are Angels or Moved by Such · After Christmas Day came Holy Innocents (More Links) · Is Putin Jewish? · Just Listening to Orthodox Celts · Sioux Want Clean Water · Eamonn De Valera responding to Churchill in 1945 · Against Web Filters (Link) · Cassandra Hsiao, Student Writers, The Principle

Is the Multiverse "inherently atheistic"? · We can Throw That Around Because You Don't Teach It in School · Refuting Atheistic Eternism or Epicure - at Too Great a Price

Polish and Italian on Children

Publié en Ligne - Published Online

I prayed a prayer this morning, if you will call it that

Creation vs. Evolution : Since it is My Birthday, I Take Today's Article on CMI as a Birthday Present · New blog on the kid : I Also Find the Flat Earth Refuted

Two Rules of Successive Odd Numbers Apply to Square Numbers

Yesterday Morning, I distributed slips of paper with URLs to five blogs

Can Young People Conduct a Media Business from Home?

"Canonisation" of Roncalli Revisited · Bergoglio did it Again · Is Bergoglio a Christian? · Sts Benedict and Scholastica Homeless on Earth · A Warning to Swedish Lutherans · Update on Sts Benedict and Scholastica Homeless on Earth

A Reach Out to Mark Shea · C. S. Lewis Quoted by Mark Shea

There is a Difference Between Counsel and Obligation

Dans un hôtel il y a qqs semaines (Bilingual post, some English too) · Who Are My Enemies?

On Post- or Pre-Pub Peer Review

Is John Todd still alive? · Will Trump Release John Todd or Whoever the Man is Claiming to be So from the Shrinks?

When a Private Person Does This, It is Harrassment

1,020,997 views · Top 51 of my Blogs : Over 1000 Page Views · Pages on Next Level of Views : 500 - 999 · Third Level of Views 200 - 499

New blog on the kid : On Quora · I do love a good debate (here on Proofs for Existence of God) · Found on Quora - Answering Here · : · Some Fun on Quora, I · Some Fun on Quora, II · Some Linguistics on Quora (III, still fun) · Creationism vs Evolutionism on Quora, IV, still fun · Medieval Related, Mostly, on Quora (part V) · : · Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : ... mainly on Christianity versus Islam (though originally other question on quora) · ... on How would a person from the Middle Ages react to today's society? (Quora) · ... 3 QQ on Evolution / Creation (Quora)

Vatican Catholic Misrepresenting In Praeclara Summorum? Part I · Vatican Catholic Misrepresenting In Praeclara Summorum? Part II · Vatican Catholic Misrepresenting In Praeclara Summorum? Part III

Best Campaign Slogan for 2016 · Another Voice on US Election : Hillary and Partial Birth Murder · More on Election · Not Sure if Abortion Opposition will Affect a Certain Election (Over the Pond, from Here) · Dear Mr. Trump, Soon to be Mr. President · One more thing, Mr. Trump · And Here is an Echo of the Party : "Victory for America" · Greetings from Sweden to US · Was Trump Ever Pro-Life? · Election Regret : Why Did Catholics Not Know of Darrell Castle?

What has Vladimir Moss to Say about Putin? · Quoting a forum page : Moss vs Romanides · Quoting Moss, again, With a Comment

deretour : US and Cyber Freedom · New blog on the kid : Obama and Putin No Great Friends of Cyber Freedom

Half an acre and a cow · More from wiki Arable land

When Urban VIII set a good example to Montini

The Blog Stats are Sometimes Curious · Some Readers from Four Days

A Real Modern Counterpart of Savonarola?

New blog on the kid : Ultra-Brief Reply to David Palm on Observational Evidence for Strict Geocentrism · Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : Sungenis, this is weak.

Are CMI Ever Wrong on Exegesis? Well, Yes.

Meanwhile, Shilly Shallying : Bergoglio

Admitting a Discrepancy Previously Undetected

Neutron Stars - a Geocentric Minority Report

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