Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Update on Sts Benedict and Scholastica Homeless on Earth

Someone had suggested that if God had really intended to warn about voyage to Lund, He could have been more specific/

Vox Cantoris : Vatican thugs slap down dissent - of faithful, orthodox Catholic priests and laity!

but first, here is something you can throw into the mix about coincidences and divine retribution.

The two patrons of Rome after St. Peter, are St. Paul and St. Lawrence. The earthquake on the Feast of Christ the King (in the proper calendar) that destroyed Norcia also damaged two basilicas in Rome, that of St. Lawrence and St. Paul Outside the Walls. St. Paul's is where the Popes have had various "ecumenical" gatherings. What you may not know, is the Cathedral in Lund which was consecrated in Anno Domini 1145, and which was stolen from the Church by Luther's heretics, was originally dedicated to St. Lawrence the Martyr.

Just a coincidence, to be sure.

As having studied and even lived in Lund, I confirm, the former Catholic Cathedral of the City is "Sankt Lars" which is Swedish for Saint Lawrence./HGL

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