Saturday, 12 November 2016

The Blog Stats are Sometimes Curious

For the blog Bibliographica, I saw in overview 29 views for today, but when looking at audience 24 last hours saw the 1 view France.

I also looked again, now there are eight more, since overview has 37 views today, but only 9 views from France on 24 last hours.

Here is the main index, and here is the article in front:

Βιβλιογράφικα/Bibliographica : main index

Βιβλιογράφικα/Bibliographica : Hitler et le Vatican, Peter Goldman ...

It now has a comment with an update on the article I had linked to, and it seems the author would have been Peter Godman?

Funny, I had read it myself, and I thought it was Peter Goldman.

Now, why the discrepancy between "today" and "last 24 hours"? It cannot be that "last 24 hours" only notes views of posts and pages, as opposed to views of front page or such. Because when turning on the stats for posts, it contained more than 1 view back an hour ago and contains more than 9 views now.

I tend to think, the blog has been viewed by people who own IPs without nationality marked - high ranking authorities in computer communications. Or perhaps also government officials. Not sure which.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Pope St Martin I

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