Thursday, 3 November 2016

Another Voice on US Election : Hillary and Partial Birth Murder

Tea at Trianon : Hillary and Partial-Birth Murder

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Another Perspective
Partial-Birth Murder Is What Truly Disqualifies Hillary
Judah Friedman | The American Spectator

Unfortunately Judah Friedman is not quite right on all.

I’m a “progressive” in many ways, as is the new Republican base. But if Donald Trump not adhering to the unwritten rule of conceding an election is what irked you, but not Hillary Clinton insisting that abortion is OK until the baby hits dry land, you and I live in some very different unwritten rule universe. Yes, I agree that if a women’s life is in danger her life always must come first, but any other example or case is downright murder. This isn’t a religious thing; it’s is a human thing. But this really does sum up who we have become as a society.

No, Saint Gianna Beretta Molla did not think a woman's life, her own, should come first, especially not "always"./HGL

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