Sunday, 9 October 2016

Bergoglio did it Again

Favoured the Bultmann admirer Kesel. From the news item list on 17 new "cardinals":

Monsignor Jozef De Kesel, archbishop of Malines-Brussels, Belgium.

Has Jozef de Kesel renounced his participation (as I think it is) in Bultmann's errors? I doubt it. For those who didn't hear of it, I read his doctoral thesis was about Bultmann and about refusal of reification. The title did not highly sound as if taking reservations against Bultmann. Sorry, not refusal of reification, but of objectivation. Here is the quote I quoted earlier about the sad story:

Mgr De Kesel est docteur en théologie de l’Université Grégorienne où il a soutenu une thèse intitulée « Le refus décidé de l’objectivation. Une interprétation du Jésus historique dans la théologie chez Rudolf Bultmann* ».

I have not read the thesis, most of us haven't. But many of us know about Bultmann from C. S. Lewis and his essay Fern-Seed and Elephants. For those of us who do so, and have not read de Kesel's thesis, how about charitably saying sth to calm our misgivings, if they are really unfounded? Like "Bultmann believed the Historic Jesus was quite other than the one of the Gospels, but I accept the Gospels as true accounts, both from a human point of view about the human authors, who were witnessing or close to witnesses of events, and from a divine point of view, because they are God's word."./HGL

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