Friday, 28 October 2016

Quoting a forum page : Moss vs Romanides

Topic: Who is Vladimir Moss?? is he an orthodox Christian??

Romanides was a canonical Orthodox Christian priest and full professor of theology, whose teachings are have a firm foundations in the Fathers.

Moss seems to be a schismatic, surely he cannot be considered on equal footing with Romanides. He also is the author of "Bolshevism and the Jews (Vladimir Moss)", a text which falls into the domain of obscure conspiracy theories.

I am reminding you that Fr. John Romanides was a priest and therefore he, as the forum rules say, has to be addressed here with his proper clergy title. Further violation of that rule will result in warnings.

Me (outside discussion)
I'm unsubtly reminded of the kind of forum admins and likeminded who insist on calling Antipope Bergoglio "Pope Francis" as if that were his title.

I've read just about nothing from Fr. John himself but considering what he seemed to think about St. Augustine I wouldn't say he had firm foundations in the Fathers.

Me (outside discussion)
Thanks Alpo!

Especially since Gregory Palamas, whom some Catholics are willing to accept also as a Saint, agreed with Saint Augustine.

We all once needed to wash away the stain left on our souls by Adam's sin through Baptism. The Blessed Virgin did not need that.

The least of all
I honestly cant believe why anyone would claim Fr. John as a heretic. The little I have read of him, i have greatly enjoyed and he is an extremely honest (i find) interpreter of the EO/OO split and most likely contributed greatly to the warm relations we have today

Me (outside discussion)
EO/OO = Eastern Orthodox / Oriental Orthodox?

OK, warm relations to Nestorians, Jacobites and Armenian Monophysites ...

His "religion is a neurobiological illness" schtick is very shaky to say the least. Such a concept is nowhere to be found in the Fathers. In some places I think by religion he means "idolatry" but he starts talking about spinal fluid, short-circuit between the brain and heart, etc., it's clear he's using a gimmick to pander to scientism and new-agey "spiritual not religious" nonsense.

Me (outside discussion)

It's the kind of thing KGB used to make Soviet psychiatry spred to the West, via "scientific collaboration".

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