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Candace Lacks Candour, as in Fairness

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My Encounter With a “Mentally Ill” Woman at Nashville Airport
Candace Owens Podcast, 5 May 2023

1:29 9 / 10 drug addicts or maniacs? Again ... "nine out of ten"?

Alcoholism, drug abuse, and the homeless
D McCarty 1, M Argeriou, R B Huebner, B Lubran

"Credible estimates of the prevalence of alcohol and drug abuse suggest that alcohol abuse affects 30% to 40% and drug abuse 10% to 15% of homeless persons."

Maniacs are even more rare. But it is over-diagnosed.

homeless hub : Mental Health

"In general, 30-35% of those experiencing homelessness, and up to 75% of women experiencing homelessness, have mental illnesses. 20-25% of people experiencing homelessness suffer from concurrent disorders (severe mental illness and addictions)."

So, let's add.

30 % + 30 % + 10 % = 70 %
35 % + 40 % + 15 % = 80 %

B U T a person with concurrent disorders is an item in both columns. So, let's subtract, to clear the rest.

70 % - 25 % = 45 %
80 % - 20 % = 60 %

So, neither 45 nor 60 % is "nine out of ten"

But perhaps maths was not your best subject in school ...?

1:55 I've been homeless in Paris since 2009.

Paris is not all that much better than NYC. I don't see it as homeless in NYC being ten times more dangerous than in Paris.

I have seen some homeless who would really try to get people afraid of them. One was about ten years ago impatiently asking "une cigarette s v p" and then to people passing by without giving him "connard" or "connasse / salope" ... to someone not used to seeing people in such situations, he probably managed to be scary, and managed to get a few cigarettes from people who were afraid of what he would do if he didn't get a fag.

I have seen some whom I am afraid of. Last example, St. Bartholomew's day last year started with a night on the cyber which involved me getting beaten up by a black man who probably took me for a racist, because I listen to right wingers like you, which is known, and humiliated me by playing music on his phone too loud for me to concentrate on what I was writing. Or perhaps he was kind of angry from a perspective of "if a huge amount intoxicates / inebriates, even a small amount is forbidden" (a word you can't find in a real Bible, none of the 73 books). I had bought a small flask of Calvados, and used some to disinfect my mouth, when I came back to my luggage, since I wasn't sure whether the blood was only mine, or whether my teeth had scraped his fist, and he could have AIDS. I rinced twice with pure Calva until it hurt, and spit - not how I usually deal with the apple brandy from Normandy.

So, legitimately scary homeless do exist.

But they are very far from the majority or the typical or average homeless person in Paris.

I saw one today who happened to make some afraid and disgusted - but this is because he was so afraid himself. He held part of the sleeping bag before his face while begging, and as he went out, he bumped into some whom he didn't see. Why? Probably he had been too brainwashed about Covid risks. And probably the kind of persons who were in a position to so brainwash him were:

  • security personnel on the subways while masks were mandatory
  • shrinks, if he had the displeasure of involuntarily getting pushed into those "facilities" (for the personnel who like more or less subtle but legal and undetected bullying - not for those "accomodated" in them).

In other words, at least the latter category got more power over him than they should have, thanks to people like you.

2:53 If he was able to say that kind of things, he may very well have been someone who became homeless very recently, and had believed the kind of horror stories you say, and was plain scared of what "being homeless" could do to him.

The most hysterical people I have heard (grating my ears) appealing on trams or subways for money were people who would say "I have been homeless for a week now!" Or rather, they would cry it out loud.

[then I checked, posted follow up comment:]

As you gave his name:
Jordan Neely, the man killed in chokehold on NYC subway, is remembered as an entertainer shattered by his mother’s murder
By Sharif Paget, Aya Elamroussi and Ray Sanchez CNN, Updated 2:38 PM EDT, Fri May 5, 2023

"Jordan Neely, the man killed in chokehold on NYC subway, is remembered as an entertainer shattered by his mother’s murder"

"The last time Harper saw Neely was in 2016 when she bumped into him on the subway and saw he was experiencing homelessness when he asked passengers for food. “I had never seen him like that before,” she said."

So, seven years as homeless in his case ...

My concern is, some are likely to now exploit his death to pretend homeless need more mental health options foisted on them!

4:16 How quickly did the marine react?

Was there time for anyone to offer Jordan Neely food?

Could he have been on a blood sugar low and fearing to pass out?

5:05 When you have said this, I see two options. The options cover what I see as all the possibilities, and are mutually compatible.

a) he was one of the rare people who really are mad, when they have a diagnosis (1 / 10 to 1 / 20 from my observations when I was in such places) and obviously, the medicines don't work for real madmen, they are just torture and intimidation for people who are rational enough to be intimidable;
b) he was first threatened by and even harrassed by shrinks, this ruined his outlook, and explains his sad end.

7:21 I am doing a check on what came first.

Your video came out 4 hours ago. EDT is six hours after Paris. We are now 21:31 in Paris, that means 15:31 EDT, your video came out 11:30-ish AM EDT.

The news story I quoted is from Updated 2:38 PM EDT, Fri May 5, 2023 ... three hours after yours.

You don't mention Moses Harper, whom they mention.
They don't mention the people claiming to have been threatened, whom you mention.

Two versions of the background are running parallel, three hours difference.

The people you cite could just theoretically have had time to come up with this to do damage control, angry that a homeless man's death could possibly make for sympathy for the homeless.
Moses Harper could just theoretically have had time to come up with his views, in response to your previous video, if you mentioned them already then.

And finally, both sides could be perfectly accurate about the same person. Different people could have seen different aspects of him.

8:23 There was a time when Christians used to stand up for people whose lives were being ruined by mental facilities in Soviet Russia.

I am not a defender of violence against people who just don't want to give away food, but there are loads of people getting their lives ruined like presumably Jordan Neely, who simply do not deserve it. Before Susana Maiolo floored the ultra modernist Cardinal Etchegaray, in a Christmas Midnight Mass in Rome, she had suffered 18 months on a row in a mental facility.

I actually had hoped she was going to tell Georg Gänsewein she was bitter bc of Catholic clergy cooperating with mental facilities, but unfortunately, to my severe shock, she said the kind of things that Sarah Silverman would say (basically resuming the Commie point of Judas in John 13). Probably, the poor girl had been hearing that kind of stuff, perhaps even figured she had to inernalise it before getting released, from the people "caring for" her.

Unless of course, she had planned to complain about Catholic clergy complicit with mental facilities, and changed her story, because they managed to intimidate her.

11:04 The girl didn't seem all that mad to me, and on top of it, thanks to your footage, she managed to make at least one (female) police officer if not Tik Tok famous, at least youtube famous, thanks to you.

Clearly not a Jordan Neely on that train where he met his death.

11:28 Tourette ... not the kind of thing you put someone into a mental hospital over.

Unless perhaps you are in Russia, and even they seemed to prefer giving Pussy Riot prison for huliganism (and not for blasphemy) over giving them mental hospital.

11:58 People with Tourette are not supposed to be locked up.

You reason like a Barbarian from Siberia.

12:13 This may be news to you. US has a legal system.
a) an arrest does not equal a condemnation and a prison sentence
b) even a prison sentence (for the kind of things Jordan Neely was arrested for) is sooner or later served
c) this means, clearly a person who is arrested is not locked up for life.

ONE possibility that comes to mind is, mental hospital drove him mad, he tried to escape it toward prison, failed, and so, finally, escaped it by a marine.

He might have deliberately tried to sound more dangerous than he was, everything just so as not to get back to mental hospital.

Oh, I explained it to you. Or at least offered you an explanation.

Nie ma za co, as they say in a language I was trying to learn when a mixup over a rent payment led to my being homeless and having to stop learning the language of Jan III Sobieski. The one that was his official one in Lithuania (in Poland, his official language was Latin, believe it or not).

13:12 A person with Tourette who is punching someone to provoke, chosing an authority figure, because that is provocative, is not likely to be a danger of being violent against your children, ma'am ...

13:52 No, we don't need to bring back insane asylums.

They never went away.

And we definitely don't need to give them back more powers to abuse.

What if someone had judged your comment about the Tourette girl going violent as paranoia, and taken you to an insane asylum, separating you from your children?

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