Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Norwegian "Barnevernet" Strikes Again - Strike Back, Sign!

Homeschooled Boy Tackled by Police in Norway

OK, some story before signing?

Here is Caroline Craddock telling the story:

See also:

HSLDA : Free Kai

A personal summary, by me? Well, a boy of twelve is taken out of school for very good reasons, namely he is being harrassed, as a newcomer, even if a citizen. His parents do what they can by homescholing him instead and the Norwegian "Barnevernet" defends the school monopoly, or nearly such of the state, by dragging the boy from his parents. Fleksnes is dead. If he made a comedy about Norwegian "Barnevernet", maybe the Norwegians would understand, but Rolv Wesenlund is dead. Now we have to write, and I can't do a think like this in comedy stile./HGL

Oh, here is a comic twist ...

Although home education is explicitly permitted in Norway, instead of respecting the Kristiansens’ right to make this decision, CPS and police agents chased Kai down like a common criminal. They tackled him in front of his mother and neighbors. Ignoring Kai’s screams, the agents smothered him in the snow to subdue him.

Obviously some of those policemen are parents to the guys who bullied him in school, one can conclude? Or do they not even have their parental feelings as an excuse?/HGL

Homeschooled Twelve-Year-Old Tackled by Police in Norway
HSLDA | 14.II.2018

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