Sunday, 11 February 2018

I think Elena Maria Vidal Deserves This : My Reblogging Her Post

Tea at Trianon : Trolls on the Internet and Negative Reviews

She deserves it because there are French who need to know Marie Antoinette did not say "let them eat brioche".

She deserves it, because there are Protestants (and some wayward Catholics) who need to know that Albigensians were not slaughtered for being Bible believing Christians.

And perhaps I deserve it too over certain Catholic institutions depriving me of a livelihood as a writer, by poopooing whatever I had to say and by recommending people to touch my blogs, if it all, with long pincers. Perhaps, not sure if that kind of professor at Belmont Abbey who wrote the bad reviews did some things about my writing too.

An Internet Production / Une production sur internet

Read the comment by Ann Margaret Lewis ....

Hey, Belmont Abbey, listen up.

You may find this whole thing hilarious, but let me point out a simple fact to you. Your drama prof started this whole thing. He's been hounding this woman for 10 years. Honestly, has it been worth it to you? This amusement?

Now, I might be a lowly high school teacher of English and drama in a Catholic high school, but I am looking at the behavior of YOUR staff as rather petty and unprofessional to say the least. ...

Read the rest in the comment section of above first link./HGL

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