Saturday, 1 July 2017

The Parents of Charlie Gard were Going to Take him to US, with Own Money

The Parents of Charlie Gard were Going to Take him to US, with Own Money · Charlie Gard, again

Why not let them do so?

The hospital may not believe in the experimental treatment they were going to give him, but the parents want to give it a try.

So, medicine is about saving lives, not about stopping parents from saving lives elsewhere. The parents ask exactly one thing : to let them transport him to US.

I signed, of course.

Here is the Petition: Petition to: Great Ormond Street Hospital
Petition to Save Charlie Gard: 10-month-old sentenced to death at London hospital

Hans Georg Lundahl
Paris V
Feast of the Most Precious Blood


(1) A comment about the condition was posted here:

Who's Not Speaking For Baby #CharlieGard ?


Baby Charlie has a hopeless condition---mitochondrial depletion syndrome.

Makes me wonder what the proposed treatment is?

If baby Charlie was born in a 3rd world hospital where there weren't the resources or money for such treatments, such decisions would not be necessary. Baby Charlie would pass peacefully shortly after birth, maybe even beautifully in his mothers arms.

Makes one wonder about what medical progress is now leading to./HGL

2, news, here:

Charlie Gard case heads to UK court in light of new evidence

Hope the experiment is not involving any killing of others .../HGL

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