Tuesday, 11 July 2017

One Good Thing with Fundie Muslims

They are the ones to take the Quran sufficiently seriously to be able to get (back) to Christianity for reading one verse of the Quran:

I Left & Rejected Islam & Muhammad Because of One Verse in the Quran - Testimony
The Endless Love of Jesus Ministries

I am after only 55 seconds very sure the man, during his 16 years as a Muslim, was a very Fundie one.

I am also rather certain, if he had been a liberal Muslim, he would still be a liberal Muslim. That one Ayah of one Surah would not have been all that important to him.

If I had been a liberal Protestant, I would not have become a Catholic. I would not have been trying to get absolution for exactly one mortal sin committed the year before I decided to seek out a priest for conversion. I might not even have categorised it as mortal sin, I might have been caught up in something more psychoanalytical or sth./HGL

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