Sunday, 12 August 2018

I wonder what Brittany Hunter would say about my viewer stats

Here is what she says of government or rather private social media control of information:

FEE : The Real Victim of Social Media Censorship is Personal Responsibility Thursday, August 09, 2018 | Brittany Hunter

Between Trump’s tirades against alleged “fake news” outlets and the recent banning of Alex Jones from Facebook, Apple, and YouTube, our society appears to be obsessed with trying to silence the opposition by controlling the flow of information. And while the recent Jones prohibition has sparked a national debate over who the First Amendment applies to, there is more to this story than just the issue of state-protected free speech.


And while we are each free to disagree with the decision to censor certain users, debating the constitutionality of Facebook and Apple’s decision ignores the real heart of the matter: Facebook, CNN, Apple, YouTube, and Fox News are not responsible for the spread of misinformation, no matter how much believing so may reinforce our own narratives. When all is said and done, the only person responsible for distinguishing fact from fiction is the individual.

Now, what would she say of a blogger in France having last week on one blog : Russia 90, United States 72, Ukraine 55, France 13 ... on this one : Russia 673, Ukraine 377, United States 165, Germany 27, Netherlands 18, France 15 ... on a third one : Canada 157, Italy 147, United States 74, Russia 24, France 11 ... I for my part think, viewers in Russia or Canada where either is top having one or two magnitudes more viewers than France are not necessarily just normal viewers. They have some interest (some of them) of controlling my readership in France.

But that is my hunch. Perhaps the eh brigade and the da or nyet brigade are simply too shy to comment or to get in touch over FB ... reminds me, top viewers of my FB related blog are Italy 204, Russia 34, United States 30, Ireland 13, Ukraine 8 ... no France at all above 3 viewers at least ... (Italians shy?) ... and if so, my idea of networks extending abroad of France telling their French participants to spread the word to avoid reading me might be just my suspiciousness going a bit amuck (I dislike the "diagnosis" word paranoia).

However, some of these networks seem to have got through a prohibition of Alex Jones, even in US. Could I, as being weaker, be next?

I will not stick to wondering what Brittany Hunter would say. I will wonder what (if anything) she will say, as soon as I send her this link ...

Hans Georg Lundahl
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