Monday, 23 December 2013

Two Book Tips for those Hurrying for a Last Moment Present

So much so that when Virginia O’Hanlon died in 1971, a book titled Yes, Virginia was published that illustrated the editorial and the main characters. This tome, still available for purchase on Amazon,[2] was eventually made into an Emmy award-winning television show by Warner Brothers.

Near contemporary to a man who wrote to his children The Father Christmas Letters. JRRT died in 1973, about the same age.

My own take on it is that if there was a Father Christmas all this time, he was first an angel over Bethlehem, then serving Our Lord on His Thirtieth Anniversary, after He said no to the Devil's Birthday Presents. And then in Gethsemane. An angel who envies Father Noel who died as a martyr in the French Revolution the honour of suffering for Christ's Glory and a Bishop Nicholas of Myra the honour of being imprisoned for Our Lord's Divinity. And who therefore accepts those aliases as a compliment.

He may well have had an honour of correcting one Scrooge by showing him certain truths related to Christmas. As was duly recorded by Charles Dickens.

The Books would then be Yes, Virginia and The Father Christmas Letters.

And if I am wrong, angels won't be angry, they take themselves lightly.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bpi, Georges Pompidou
as they say in Sweden

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