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Is Internet Freedom of Speech being Targetted?

Update : it seems CMI changed the reason for site being inaccessible, before it was "technical difficulties" and this is when I wrote below, now it is "facelift:"
Correction of below, as under this update, which was posted earlier, insofar as it concerns CMI:

Would you take my observations on this post as being wildly inaccurate?

[link here]

I first wrote it while the lower notice was up "experiencing technical issues"

Then I see "major facelift"

Jonathan Sarfati
No, CMI really is doing a site upgrade this weekend. Thanks for your concern though.

Need I correct anything?

Jonathan Sarfati
Yes, this time it's not a case of Fascistbook and Google censoring conservatives. The site is back with a different look.

OK, I saw, and sorry for delay, as I saw it already yesterday!

Now enjoy (with caution on occasional Protestant content, but I mean the typical content which is Creationist):
Creation Ministries International

It's back!

See however, a bit before 14:24 in Nanterre University Library:
Cette page ne peut pas s’afficher

Activez TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1 et TLS 1.2 dans Paramètres avancés, puis essayez de vous reconnecter au site . Si cette erreur persiste, il est possible que ce site utilise un protocole non pris en charge ou une suite cryptographique telle que RC4 (lien pour plus de détails), qui n’est pas considérée comme sécurisée. Contactez votre administrateur de site.

I was speaking about the speech of French Minister of Culture before the Journalists on March 15th, the day before yesterday, and I was writing it the next day.

Now, one of the things which from time to time gets stamped as fake news is Creationism.

And one Creationist site recently promoted (with some bad publicity along with it) by Dan Brown is CMI, also known as

I usually take time to at least skim and often read their latest and earlier connected every day; was going to enjoy that today too, but here came a bad surprise:

Meanwhile, here is a site which remains up:

Creation vs. Evolution

It is a blog of mine.

If you want a specific subject on it, there is a search bar on that blog, like on this one, like on every blog I have.

The arrow marks I moved the blog header left so it shows under the search bar, saves horizontal space on the image.

This means, of course, that if you suspect me of having stated sth illegal or immoral and therefore reproachable, you can figure out a keyword to search on, do a search and then check what I stated in the posts containing the keyword. If you find no posts with that keyword, check the spelling, unlike a google search bar there is no approximation of spelling. Any word having an American spelling differing from the English one would be in English spelling any word I write (usually even the s in -ise verbs, but I have vacillated lately because of reading too much American*), but could be in American in quotes I make. This is so for any blogs in which I write in English.

But it seems some guys will gas on about certain things containing immoral or even illegal material and this in spite of the "immortality" being a very contested such, and in spite of the searches giving no hits which would qualify as illegal before an actual judge.

Sure, in the former Soviet Union, Creationist material would indeed have been illegal. In certain Muslim countries, CMI would be targetted for being Christian. Solution? Some people think that, if the state should forbid it and doesn't, they can make some Fehmgericht and sabotage it. Secret trial, secret sentence and that one carried out by means usually illegal, like hacking in this case.

Unless it is simply CMI's way of making publicity for the other two Creationist major sites, ICR and AiG. But, somehow I don't think so.

I am living on the streets in France, and in some places where I have been going to breakfast at homeless shelters of morning shelter type, at some occasions, I have got crap from other homeless over being a Young Earth Creationist. Possibly instigated by personnel who did not want to expose themselves to my anger or suspicion, after these and young volunteers had tried some less crappy** "fraternal corrections" like "aren't you afraid of going against the Magisterium of the Church" which is obviously not what I am doing.***

Some of these homeless in Paris have connections either to former East States or to US or both. Like I for my part have more to Sweden and to Austria - countries of my citizenship and of my birth and much of childhood - and to Germany, country of my toddler years, along with Sweden. Some of them therefore have connections to former Communist educations.

So, it seems there can be some more targetting of conservative media ahead. For my own part, I had to change computer, since the session broke down where I was answering a youtube comment by copy paste to a notepad and inserting my answers to every point - as I usually do conduct my debates.

I think an excellent youtube channel has put things in a fairly correct perspective by the captions I give here:

Politically Correct Area Ahead. 1984.

Yes, that is my impression too. 1990 was not "the fall of Barad-Dûr", just "the fall of Dol Guldur". Communism didn't die, it moved around.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Patrick of Armagh

* See the essay heading by Helge K. Fauskanger "Of a modern Mannish tongue" in the essay "By way of explanation...:" I tend to be more consistently British than he. ** Crappy may be an American word, but that doesn't oblige me to use American spelling. I feel free to mix words from both sides of the Atlantic and to also choose to continue the spelling I was taught in school which, for many words, is historically older than the American one. A "colour labelled axe" is and older spelling than a "color labeled ax". *** Up to and including Humani Generis, 1950, if Pius XII was Pope, no definite favouring of Old Earth or Evolution was there in Roman levels, and from the speech next year to scientists, no word of any either real or supposed Pope favouring Deep Time or Evolution has had anything like the formality of the canons of the Council of Trent, tying exegesis to Patristic consensus, where such a thing exists for a given question.

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