Thursday, 1 March 2018

Russian Threat (link, quote, comment)

Putin boasts of new Russian nuclear weapons
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Putin said that Russia also tested a new heavy intercontinental ballistic missile, called Sarmat, adding that its range allows it to fly over both the North and the South poles to reach any target. He said it carries more nuclear warheads than its Soviet-era predecessor, known in the West as Satan.

S 83 080 3
A 65 140 8
R 82 220 10
M 77 290 17
A 65 350 22
T 84 430 26 456

What is so special with 456?

Well, 456 is upper case. Five of the six letters are lower case, so Sarmat instead of SARMAT means you add 5*32 for the lower case. 456 + 160 = 616.

Then there are issues with his own name ... check out how it looks in Polish in genitive and accusative - WLADIMIRA.

And there was this part of Syria where he seems to have been near approving of an atrocity by Bashir, namely Ghouta.

All of these use only English letters. Use 65 to 90 for A to Z, and since a to z are 97 to 122, you can just add 32 for any lower case.

I think we may have a problem.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
260 Martyrs of Rome

PS on Ghouta, see this google? Here!

PPS, I find some who claim that Russia and Syria are trying to help civilians - now. (27-28.II?) (FR)

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