Monday, 26 March 2018

Responding to Zack Hunt

H/T : Mark Shea

Now, I don't own a gun. I do think gun ownership is a good thing on other grounds. I see a glaring omission from the debate ...

If teens are slaughtered in the school they were more or less forced to attend most of them, and your reaction is "don't you dare think about touching my teacher's salary!!" rather than "how do we stop this from ever happening again?" ...

Seriously, we cannot stop anything from "ever happening again", we do have a difference in morality, we do not owe our liberties to hairbrained schemes of stopping X from ever happening again. God decides what will and won't happen again. If we try to stop a disaster by committing an atrocity, we court disaster.

But a good reducer of school shootings would be:

  • less legal or other pressure to be in school
  • fewer people involved in psychiatry or child protective services or adoption
  • fewer obstacles for young people to leave school and marry and earn a living.

I cannot and you cannot guarantee anything will stop it from ever happening again, but I am sure this is a recipy for it happening less often.

In France where guns are more restricted you do get the school and teen suicides. This means, you might by banning guns reduce school shootings and the news stories about very unhappy young people killing only themselves are less shocking.

Especially if you are a teacher and don't want anyone to touch your salary.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St. Castulus

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