Tuesday, 10 November 2015

A Turk I would Like OFF England

Wickipeejuh : Stanley Johnson (writer)

And a Pirate of Penzance too (no, I haven't seen or read that musical).

Johnson was born in 1940 in Penzance, Cornwall, the son of Osman Wilfred Johnson and Irene Williams, daughter of Stanley F. Williams of Bromley, Kent, by his marriage to Marie Louise de Pfeffel (or Freiin von Pfeffel) in Paris on 15 August 1882.[2] His paternal grandfather Ali Kemal Bey, one of the last interior ministers of the Ottoman Empire government, was assassinated during the Turkish War of Independence. Stanley's father was born Osman Wilfred Kemal or Osman Ali in England in Bournemouth, Hampshire, in 1909, his Anglo-Swiss mother Winifred dying shortly after giving birth.

After Ali Kemal returned to Turkey in 1912, Stanley's father and aunt were brought up by their English grandmother Margaret Brun (née Johnson) and took her maiden name, Stanley's father becoming simply Wilfred Johnson.

I think Austria lost in 1918 because of being allied to that man. Ali Kemal Bey.

His maternal grandparents were Hubert Freiherr von Pfeffel, born in Munich on 8 December 1843, and wife Helene von Rivière, born on 14 January 1862; he was the son of Karl Freiherr von Pfeffel (Dresden, 22 November 1811 - Munich, 25 January 1890) and wife (m. Augsburg, 16 February 1836) Karolina von Rothenburg (Frankfurt, 28 November 1805 - Frankfurt, 13 February 1872), herself the natural daughter of Prince Paul of Württemberg by Friederike Porth.

Wonder if the Freiherr when growing up in Munich ever heard the word "Saupreißn" adressed to his father?

Anyway, it seems this man has by now gone out with a foul proposal of foisting population control on both English public and on peoples receiving development aid.

If that is "conservative", I am not. But why would that be "conservative" since he is obviously set on remaking humanity after his plan?

I am very thankful, very happy, that on Ireland, if not now, at least earlier during my life, condoms were illegal (except on prescription and that only for couples who have medical grounds - an exception I of course take some exception to).

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Pope St Leo I

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