Tuesday, 16 January 2018

RIP Dolores O'Riordan

Dolores O'Riordan, voice of The Cranberries, dies at 46

The police is treating her death as unexplained.

Here are some clues:

  • She was a rock star. Medieval royalty died often young too, around 55 (those making it to twenty in the first place, excluding child and youth mortality) and probably because in a sense they lived like rock stars. One thing I loved her music for was its Irishness, and one thing about Irish music is its being modal - that is sounding Medieval.

  • She was born on September 6th. Three years after me. So, someone may have had some supernatural interest in her because of me.
  • This breaks down into certain ingredients or alternatives:

    • I did make a prayer to God to either give me a wife or death either a woman or death on the road to Santiago.
    • Some people may feel someone needs to sacrifice herself or himself for me, and she may have agreed to such a deal (if so, hopefully with God and not with the Devil, as she was Irish she might have been Catholic, let's hope the best).
    • Some people may be praying for me to get sad and grieveous lessons about that prayer - if so, this comes home a bit - and she may have been in certain senses perfect for this purpose (and if so, I hope of course it was just her earthly life, not her eternity).
    • Some people may indeed want me to die for some reason (considering how certain events very recurring and in nature social, therefore explainable by other people's freewills and agreement, tend to degrade my health, it is not quite out of the possible). She may have been a kind of shield when it came to curses.
    • Some may have felt I was callous when Johnny Halliday died. Didn't write anything. He was the Elvis Presley of France, someone said. This way, I was given an occasion to show sorrow.

The first of these is a somewhat solid fact. Medieval royalty and modern rock stars live more hectic lives than man was really made for. Live or lived, since St Louis IX has already died and so have the others I studied. I can't say either did wrong, they sacrificed themselves.

The rest of it is of course my speculation. You are free not to share it, you are free to consider it kind of "paranoid" to speculate on these lines. And, if so, please do not try to confide me to shrinks, they have a way to make people's lives both hectic and long, until patients are sometimes driven to the madness they did not have when the comedy started.

Barring that, let's recall Dolores. Pray for her soul.

Those who wish to recall her music, pray for her first.

Now I have done that, here is a song on a video I think she did not consider as pirating her rights, since it has been up during nearly all of her last year:

Dolores O' Riordan - Ordinary Day (Official Video)
Ajoutée le 28 janv. 2017

And those who wish to recall what it means to be dead, or to have died, here is Reverend Pewsey's sermon over the Seven Friends of Narnia (they were killed in a Train Crash, remember):

Reverend Pewsey's Last Sermon
[from Chronicle of Susan Pevensie, on En lengua romance en Antimodernism y de mis caminaciones]

God bless her near and dear ones.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Pope St Marcellus I*

* Romae, via Salaria, natalis sancti Marcelli Primi, Papae et Martyris; qui, ob catholicae fidei confessionem, jubente Maxentio tyranno, primo caesus est fustibus, deinde ad servitium animalium cum custodia publica deputatus, et ibidem, serviendo indutus amictu cilicino, defunctus est. - He was the patron saint of Monsignor Marcel Lefebvre.

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