Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Deepfake - a Technology Open for Abuse

Deepfake Videos Are the Future of Porn Scandals

There are other possible abuses than porn, I could have been victim of a faked footage.

Here is a real footage of me, I complained about it being shortened to cut out some parts of what I said to selectively support the written conclusion, but the parts where I speak are real:

Conversation with Hans-Georg Lundahl
Edoardo Rossi | Ajoutée le 20 oct. 2012

Here are my comments:

HGL's F.B. writings : A Heavily Edited Video with me - and my Comments to Editor thereof.

But, apart from the complaints of the video being too short and cutting stuff out, it is the only video with me that I have authorised.

Other videos with me could be either deepfake's or taken without my approval. If deepfakes, it should be somewhat difficult - I hope! - to make them speak and move facial musculature like me, but that could come as well.

Internet is a great place for getting truths out. Some are bent on making it seem unreliable. But a deepfake video need not be on the web, it could be presented as a genuine non-web footage./HGL

PS, obviously a footage on which I show a blog of mine is as welcome to me as a photo of it. Like the footage in above around 19 seconds:

Unfortunately, the short link for the first link, by someone else (so as not to promote myself alone, I sometimes did and do that), has gone down. While exists, it has closed down my short links./HGL

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