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Index XX, ENG, From St. Agatha to Corpus Christi

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Merci Sainte Agathe · Bonum Ieiunium in die Cinerum · Bonum Festum vel Bonam Memoriam Sancti Ioseph · Bonum Triduum Paschale · Christus Resurrexit - Vere Resurrexit · Bonum Festum Sancti Joseph Opificis · Bonum Festum Sancti Crucis Inventionis · Bonam Octavam Pentecostes · Bonne fête de Sainte Jeanne d'Arc · Bonum Festum Corporis Christi

Publishing early, before the wish on Corpus Christi which will be inserted after publication/HGL, Day of St Joan of Arc.

Catholic Blog "Deaths" · Is Internet Freedom of Speech being Targetted? · I think Elena Maria Vidal Deserves This : My Reblogging Her Post · Yesterday Someone Told Me Nobody Wanted to Read "My Books" · Before You Accuse a Blogger / Avant d'accuser un bloggueur ... · Gate Keepers? · Deepfake - a Technology Open for Abuse · Someone Else Has Difficulties : Life Site News · Harrassment at Nanterre University Library, to Stop my Arguing Catholicism

727 827 "Readers" (Page Views, Really), Just Russia and US

13.I - 13.II.2018 : Autres Blogs / Other Blogs, 69 Posts / Messages · Over 1000 Views / Au-dessus de 1000 vues · Spammer's choice / Choix du spammeur · 1595 in 24 hours

Chesterton on Resurrection · Fulton Sheen said God should have mercy on me....

A Conclusion Needs No Sources - It is the Facts It is Based on that Do · Stellar Radiuses (If Sphere of Fix Stars is One Light Day Up) · ... against Abiogenesis · Can Spirits Move Matter?

Catholics or Protestants? · Have I Said Sth Wrong about Soros? · Ben Shapiro is Right · One Reason Gandhi Was Not Great (as in Good)

Norwegian "Barnevernet" Strikes Again - Strike Back, Sign! · Floricel · No, Elor is Not a Hero · I Think it was Logical the West was Allied with Zia ul Haq · Protest, Please!

Muslims and Psychiatry · Jordan Right 5/12

New blog on the kid : Russian Threat (link, quote, comment) · A Numerological Issue · Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : On the Prophecy (if genuine) of Holzhauser · Back on New blog on the kid : Is Holzhauser Giving Putin a Chance?

I heard of Philando Castile · Kentucky and Marriage · Paraguay ... · 1933 in Germany, 85 years later Ireland

Responding to Zack Hunt · Mark Shea and Greydanus "on Psalms" · Shroud of Turin, from Good Friday to Easter Sunday · Mark Shea on Samizdat and Tacitus on a Similar Situation · On the Seven Works of Mercy

HGL's FB Writings : Matthew Hunt thought Attacking Kent Hovind was a Way to Vindicate Hawking · New blog on the kid :Here is How Matthew Hunt Characterised the Michelson Morley Experiment · Back on HGL's FB Writings :Matthew Hunt Tries to Ban my Previous Post and Starts Explaining Michelson Morly · Matthew Hunt Demands Answers he Doesn't Like to Give · Matthew Hunt Defending Carbon and Radiometric, Me Defending Carbon in Relative But Not Absolute Dates when Old · Correspondence of Hans Georg Lundahl : David Wolcott on "Gossip" as a Species of Sin

Chesterton is always good

HGL's FB Writings : William P. Lazarus Fakes Victim Statistics · [not mine] William P. Lazarus : Freedom From Religion · New blog on the kid : Answering William P. Lazarus

New blog on the kid : Is "Vatican II" in Continuity with Trent and Vatican "I"? · Creation vs. Evolution : Agreeing with the Biblical World View · Dwight Longenecker Maligns Fundamentalists? · Pete Vere Understimates Fundamentalism of Fathers · Can Six Days or Eve from Side of Adam be a Metaphor?

Back on New blog on the kid : So, Catholicism is Demographic - But is the Catholic Demography Always Catholic? · Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : On Marcel Lefebvre and "Traditionalist Dissent" · Responding to "Critics of Pope Francis, What’s your End-Game?"

HGL's FB Writings : With TM, an Atheist Fanatic · New blog on the kid : Before You Call Someone (For Instance Me) a Mind Control Victim ...

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