Saturday, 16 June 2018

To the Episcopal Conference of US ...

I saw this on Mark Shea's blog:

Catholic leader calls separating mothers and children at border ‘immoral’

The president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops criticized President Donald Trump’s administration over immigration policy on Wednesday, declaring that separating mothers and children at the US border is “immoral.”

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, the president of the organization, said in a statement, “Families are the foundational element of our society and they must be able to stay together. While protecting our borders is important, we can and must do better as a government, and as a society, to find other ways to ensure that safety. Separating babies from their mothers is not the answer and is immoral.”

You know, DiNardo, you are so right!

Does this mean, your colleague in Stockholm will start condemning Swedish Child Protective Services? Or are your Ecumenics with the Anglican and Totalitarian establishment still allowing you to accept the infamous "parens patriae" doctrine, which, needless to say, was not approved by Pope St Pius V?

Will he also start condemning psychiatry, another totalitarian service? Back in 1998, I specifically asked that Carmelite, Arborelius, to defend me against psychiatry. Perhaps his Swedish sucked so much (I caught him in bad grammar in a translation of Sacred Heart Litany) that instead of "against" he took me as meaning "before".

No, I wanted defense against totalitarian criminals, not before somewhat incongenial judges.

So, now you say taking away children from their parents is immoral. You are right. Start picketting not just abortion clinics, but also CPS services.

Note, I am not against your being as strict as to condemn what is going on with immigrants, that sucks too, but taking away a child from an immigrant for a week until he decides to leave US territory is not near as immoral as taking away children for parents for months and years and whole upbringings, as CPS are doing. If you insist on this border issue, but neglect the crimes of CPS (ideally, you could start dealing with those of psychiatry too), you are straining gnats and swallowing camels.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Torcy Segrais
St. Aureus of Mainz

And the next thing I see from Mark Shea is this:

Let’s talk about Romans 13
June 15, 2018 by Mark Shea

Excellent stuff. So, just bc the President is the one doing ill, doesn't make it good. Doesn't make it licit, even. Or King, Emperor, Duke, Grand Duke, Czar or other type of Prince, even ecclesiastical one.

So, we can with good conscience condemn the border police' present arrangement - as well as more longstanding ones of CPS and psychiatry./HGL


I saw on FB, Trump signed an EO to stop taking children away from parents. Excellent stuff. Now, next question is, will he also sign one against CPS?/HGL (1.VII.2018)

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