Thursday 10 September 2015

To a Russian Young Lady

Who thought that poems selling their poems was like “if a person had no value”, as if they were selling the mind.

A poem’s not the mind itself
But rather like you sing
A jewel made of words that shade
A meaning that you bring
Kalinka, kaley

To readers or to listeners
Who heed the harboured words
Aligned like boats: The bridge that floats
Like metre rules and herds.
Kalinka, kaley

A jewel can be sold as gold
A book be bought and read
A song you share With all that hear
In streets can too be paid
Kalinka, kaley

If some that like put down a coin
Before you as you sing
Your Jewel made of words that shade
The meaning that you bring.
Kalinka, kaley

There are of course systems that are not free. Even in a free system there can be court poets, but in a Communist system there can be only court poets – and perhaps illegal poets too./HGL

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